2 full days left.

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2 full days left... tick tick tick tick tick...

Today I'll start to clean out my desk, remove my minimal personal elements from the walls, photographs of my wife at our wedding, a souvenir hand-fan from a co-worker who went to Japan, a picture of Einstein, LOTS of books, a small nameplate with my name on it (from a previous job), a Tintin 'poster' showing the evolution from Herge's original drawing, XSL references, miscellaneous anniversary/birthday cards, a barely-empty box of business cards, 3 coffee mugs, LOTS of paper, a stack of CDs, a can of baked beans in syrup (don't ask) and a Meccano helicopter I built.

All that doesn't count all the crap I have downloaded/installed/received on my computer. I'll do that Friday I think.

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