Break In

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Our landlord who lives in the big house in front of our cottage just came by and asked me if we had seen anybody around his place last weekend. I said we hadn't and asked why. He said that someone had broken into his house while he was away in Tahoe and was curious whether we had seen or heard anything.

He then showed me where they had broken two windows, a main floor window and a basement window, and pried the hell out of his side door, destroying the latch mechanism and the deadbolt. It was pretty sloppy work. Sort of a brute-force approach to home-invasion.

They obviously got inside, but didn't take anything. What they did do was put a good slice in his main gas-line in the basement and let his house fill up with gas. When he arrived back he could barely breath inside. The house remarkably did NOT blow up. Even though the water heater also runs off  gas with an open flame. Maybe we can thank some bad seals in a draughty house?

Creepy! It looks to be the act of deliberate sabotage. And whoever did it seems to have wanted the house to blow up.

We're talking about Palo Alto here!

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