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I got a chance to sit down again with Radio last night. My first project was to try and convert this Manila site to the Radio format. I found the ManilaSiteConverter Tool in the Radio dox, but this was written for Radio 7.0.1.

So I did some sleeve rolling and, and startedt hiking up the learning curve towards understanding the UserLand scripting language. In the end I did a bunch of search-replaces on methods and locations that changed from 7.0.1 to 8.0 and ended up with a reasonably functional script. And it apparently worked. I had it upstream the copied Manila site to my host at warmbrain.com/blog. Cool!

But I've discovered something that may not work for me. I do my Radio tweaking while at home, but do my posting while at work. Hmm. With the Manila site, it is solely a Web interface so I can access it freely from both places.

A solution to this is to make my Radio installation at home accessible when I am at work. That may work, but I am a little nervous about opening up the ports for Radio through my firewall. I can definitely force it to only accept connections that originate from my work IP. That would be fairly secure. Would also user authentication. Will have to think about this.

So, in the end the major benefits from using Radio (for me) are (1) that I get to host it under my own domain name as a static site, and (2) I have complete control over all aspects of the site. I do lose out on discussions (which I currently didn't use), and membership (where I was the only member), and likely some other things as well. But for the time being, it looks like a worthwhile move.

I wonder if the $39.95 needs to be paid every year if you aren't using the community server? I wouldn't complain, just curious. I'll have to go read the fine print.

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