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Ev-er-y-bo-dy is talking about the imminent release of Radio Userland 8.0. Dave has mentioned that the number of hits on the Radio site have surpassed the hits on Scripting News. I'm responsible for some of those hits! I even tried some URL hacking to see if I could find it in the static gems before release time! =) heh. Bad Dylan!

I'm looking forward to trying it out. I've used Radio 7.0.1 (earlier and also a few days ago), and never really grasped its full potential. I'm ready and willing to give it another go with Radio8 and see what she can do.

I'm curious whether I can have a complete site locally and post it to a website through FTP that isn't running Frontier. Ideally I'd rather be hosting this complete weblog at my domain but was under the impression that I had to be running Frontier/Manila there for it to work. Going through is great (and free!) but tends to be a little slow sometimes, plus I feel a little powerless since I can't get in there and tweak some scripts etc.

I'll have to keep on waiting for a bit. Still not released.

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