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Audience. Who is my weblog audience? Or perhaps a better question at this point is: who do I see being my audience? This is something I'm still trying to figure out.

I like writing here, but my style, length, topics and voice seems to change on a daily basis. Does this matter? Maybe not. Maybe it is the initial erratic stage that many weblogs go through? I haven't read a lot of new weblogs (ok, none -- except this one :) so don't have a lot to go from.

My wife says I should 'relax' in my blog. Don't try to make each word and sentence 'perfect'. Interesting points. I do hold back. I am reserved. It's a strange thing talking to the world through a website. Makes me nervous. I get wary about potential long-term ramifications. Potential employers reading something they disagree with. People making judgements about who I am without knowing who I am. blah blah blah. Nothing new here.

Let's open a bit shall we? I'm hoping this weblog makes me rich and famous. Don't we all secretly hope that? Isn't that what we wish all new endeavours bring us? I want to write words on this site and have millions read them. I want to influence lives and stir imaginations. I want to have an incredible design that never looks dated. I want to be original, but trendy; approachable, yet unpredictable; critical, but humble. I want to be liked, and linked to, and referenced, and adored. I want to win awards.

I like this. I'm going to try to get rid of the facade. The facade that appears when one is potentially talking to thousands but is unaccustomed to it. (Thousands? Get a life! You mean you and your two friends (one of which is your wife!!))

That's another thing I got flak for. Using the word 'wife' in my weblog. At home my partner and I mutually refer to each other as wybands. We both couldn't relate to the title of husband/wife so we decided to invent a word, and we came up with wyband which (you clever readers you) likely noticed is a combination of wife and husband with some liberties taken with the spelling.

Ok. Can one turn over a new leaf after only a few weeks of blogging? Let's give it a try. I really hate trying to find some wicked-zip-zoo-yaa-cool things on the web to link to, and then trying to come up with with some equally wicked-zip-zoo-yaa-cool clever tagline to post it with, so I'll likely not be doing much of that. I'll write what I write, and we'll see how it goes.

Deal? Deal.

Oh. Right. And before I forget. My weblog kicks ass -- and don't you forget it.

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