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Heather Hamilton of was fired[1, 2] because of her weblog. Yuck. A quote:

As for those of you who think I was stupid to post things on my website about my job and about co-workers: I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to be censored. I've lived my life far too long in fear of disrupting expectations. I made a conscious decision when I conceived that I would never bow to the intimidation of others, including employers or pussy-ass cocksmacks who think I should just stop complaining and be a good worker bee already.

Good for her. I hold back  a lot of what I am thinking about work and co-workers because of that fear. It sux... I hate it... but it isn't something I'm ready to take on yet. In this current job I wouldn't be comfortable with it. I'm feeling too vulnerable I think. 

Meanwhile I fight the pressures to just be a good worker bee every fucking day. This seems to be a recurring conflict for me. All through University and now in my working life. I want more than to just be a worker bee. I'm sick of insecure managers who cannot deal with a managee who thinks for themselves. Who questions the thinking behind a decision. Who has constant ideas on how things can be improved. Who would rather slam his head against a wall than sacrifice quality in his work.

Every ounce of reasoning and logic I can muster tells me that this kind of thinking is what you want in an employee! Is what makes companies successful! Is what produces innovative concepts and new ideas! Yet the standard corporate world does everything it can to stifle this type of person. Which is why I quit from my last job. And is why I will likely quit from this one. I hate quitting. But I hate wasting my time as a cog even more.

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