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This cold is still hanging on. I'm feeling better now, but still pretty stuffed up.

The stereotype of someone with a cold usually has them complaining that they can't smell and taste things. I've never experienced that until just a few days ago. My nasal passages were relatively clear, but no matter how strong the smell, nothing was capable of triggering my olfactory glands into doing their thing. It's kinda bizarre actually. The act of eating literally turns into chewing and being amused by the different temperatures and textures.

Tracey got home from a two week trip on Friday, and asked what the weird smell was in the fridge. I couldn't smell it! heh. Some old soup was going rancid, and I had no clue. It didn't help with her opinion of me as the irresponsible bachelor mind you.

Anyway, my sense of smell is returning today. I'm glad. Definitely one of the easier senses to do without for a few days, but still irritating. I can't
imagine a cold that knocks out your sense of sight for week or so. One potential setback for my sense of smell returning is I can now fully appreciate the gourmet phlegm my body has been cooking up in my lungs. Yuck. The smell/taste I am detecting in the back of my throat when I cough is worse than any other bodily emission I can imagine. Pretty grim. Ok, nuff said. Remember to eat your vitamins.

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