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This is the monitor that I look at while I work. Well almost. Mine isn't black... but whatever. When I first got this monitor at work, I thought that big round thing at the bottom-center of the monitor was a button. But I didn't know what it did. So for about 2 weeks I didn't touch it. I was afraid it would revert to factory-defaults though... or resize the viewable area to what it thinks is best (rarely is it better).

The thing is though... you sit there working with this stupid circle-button-looking thing with the DELL logo on it staring at you constantly. It looks like a button! And as we know from Mr Donald Norman, buttons are for pushing.*sigh* It was killing me... what did it do?!? And then at some point, in a fit of defiance while musing about something or other... I looked down with glazed-over eyes... stared unseeing at the big DELL monitor button... reached out without really thinking about it.... and pushed it.


Nothing happened. It's not even a button. Just decoration. Those bastards!

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