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THE ZEN TV EXPERIEMENT. Adbusters rocks. I do not own a TV and barely a week goes by where I am not thankful for this. I have a love/hate relationship with TV. When one is around I watch it. I can't help it. While in University, I would 'reward' myself after a good hour of studying with an hour of daytime TV crap. It didn't matter what was on, I'd watch it. We didn't even have CABLE.. which meant I was watching lame shock-tv talk shows (or god-forbid the shopping channel). It didn't matter. I ate it up. And because of that I hate TV. I hate that it can put me into that state. Once I get some, I want more. Maybe this is how an alcoholic feels about alcohol? Sitting in a bar with a TV is the worst though. It's a little rude to become vegetative over a pint of beer while someone is talking to you. "yeah.. uh huh"... meanwhile my mind has turned off as I suck in the 300 technical events / minute in an MTV video. So we don't have a TV. Without TV, you suddenly have TIME for all those things you didn't before. We garden, talk, READ(!!!)... Life is relatively short... too short to waste my waking time with my eyes glued and body disconnected. Kill Your Television.


Was browsing Google and found your site, enjoyed the reading, thanks

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