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Well slap my ass and call me Betty. Why? I don't know. On second thought.. don't.

I'm a fast typer.. and when I get going I can type like a maniac. My wyband is not such a fast typer. She's fast but not as fast as me! heh. Anyway... sometimes when typing to my her through MSN messenger I'm a total jerk and see how many times I can write "type type type" before she replies...

So an interaction might go like this:

Me: Hey, tmel... [I call her tmel.. don't ask] how's it going there in at-home land?

Me: type type type

Me: type type type

Me: type type type

Me: type type type

Her: ok. you?

haha.. =) Ok.. maybe not that funny.. but I have to keep myself amused in my 'fabric-covered box' here at work.

The original reason I typed 'type type type'.. is because at the bottom of the MSN chat box.. it TELLS you when the other person starts typing... so as I'm sitting there thinking about the fact they they are typing... I decided to add some sound effects (so-to-speak)... so I type 'type type type' to accompany the little "tmel is typing" status message.

Ok. That's all for now. Now shoo.. shoo! Go back to whatever you were doing before you got side-tracked on weblogs.com hehe.

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