Dinner in the City

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Tracey and I went into the 'City' for her Birthday on Tuesday night... she had a class and I took the train in to meet her. We went to the Foreign Cinema on Mission.. a fairly swanky little place that shows Movies on their courtyard wall when the weather is good.

Here are some recollections:

  • It was pissing rain when we got there, and a friend of Tracey's had suggested the place. I ashamedly wasn't part of the choosing of the restaurant for my wife's birthday (<sheepish grin> (More is happening Sunday.. and THAT I planned ;)) Anyway.. Tracey wasn't totally sure what street it was on and so we ran between Valencia and Mission a few times in our fancy clothes with this measly umbrella that barely reaches 2 feet across. I hope we caused some amusement.
  • People that can drink and vote and drive and LIVE are looking really young to me. Inevitable (and verging on cliche), but true. I'm only 25 and I feel older than I am.
  • This fairly rough and grumpy looking black guy on Mission glared at me as we ran past... intimidating, but as we rushed by I raised my eyebrows and gave a hesitant smile to him... he transformed and gave me a warm ackowledgement in return. People are people. We all just want to be accepted.
  • At dinner we were seated right beside this other table (6 inches away) where a man and a woman in their late 40s sat. We could hear everything they were saying... and the guy seemed to relish this fact and proceeded to talk at length about how rich and wealthy he was etc etc... about how he could do whatever he wanted, buy whatever he wanted, go wherever he wanted etc etc.. commenting that he was fully capable of just spending $30,000 on plane fares around the world... Tracey leans over to me around that point and says "Do you ever get the feeling you are in a Woody Allen movie?" hehe.. too funny. I would have loved to have pulled Bill Gates from just off camera and introduced him to the guy.. "You think you're rich... well how about you whip it out and compare it to old Billy-Boy's here.." hehe anyway.
  • If you go to the Foreign Cinema, don't order the Chicken and French Fries... remember it was swanky? Well they made the french fries sound all swanky... but in the end they were just french fries.. and mediocre ones at that.. bit of a disappointment... Tracey had the duck.. go for the duck. Very tasty. And their decaf coffee was excellent.. seriously some of the best I've had... go just for the coffee even. Really.

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