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We tried to go horseback riding last Sunday. It was in celebration of Tracey's 30th birthday and completely planned and coordinated by me. It was going to be just perfect... until just 20 minutes from the Ranch the car brakes started making a horrible grinding sound, like someone shovelling dirt off of bare concrete.

I had my eye on the prize though and was ready and willing to ignore the car's agonizing screams and just keep heading to the ranch. Tracey was still in the dark as to where we were going at this point and so could still think with a clear head. So we pulled into a gas station, stopped with a crunch, and turned the car off.

To make a long story short, it is very hard to find a mechanic that works on Sunday. In the end our most worthwhile resource was the towing company dispatcher. She helped us find a mechanic and gave some excellent suggestions for nearby car rental agencies.

In the end we had a wonderfully spontaneous day, saw a great movie (Amelie), explored cute little Fairfax, got a nice story to tell and have a car with brakes that don't shatter eardrums. All for a little under $1000! ;)

We've re-planned the horseriding. We're going this coming Sunday. It should hopefully be a little less stressful this time. Well maybe not... horses scare the shit out of me.

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