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This weekend I watched 4 1/2 movies. Vanilla Sky, Ocean's Eleven, Waking Life, K-PAX and Raising Arizona.

Vanilla Sky I thoroughly enjoyed -- but am told that the original Spanish version titled Open Your Eyes is much better. I was amused to find out that Penelope Cruz plays the same role in both movies. Bizarre. I'll see if I can find it at Midtown Video.

Ocean's Eleven was great. I had heard definite mixed-reviews on this one and think because of this I was perfectly primed to enjoy it for what it was. The plan was good.. the execution was good.. and it's always fun in a movie when you think you know what is going on.. then have your assumptions kicked around a few times.

Waking Life accounts for the 1/2 movie watched. I was in an overly-tired, hungry and depressed state when I started watching this, and the bizarre water-colour/expressionist-style after-effects they used on the film were too much for me to deal with. I was enjoying it but it hurt my brain at the same time. I'll watch it again another time.

K-PAX == The Fisher King? Definitely some similar themes with these movies. I enjoyed it regardless, and it made me want to see The Fisher King again since I don't really remember the plot. I have to admit though, that whenever I see Jeff Bridges in a movie now, I expect him to start whining "Hey, man... I'm the dude... not Lebowski!". Hehe..

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