How to tie your shoes

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About 8 years ago I was ranting to a friend about how my new shoe laces would come untied by themselves throughout the day. He said I wasn't tying them properly and showed me a method that adds only milliseconds to the traditional tying procedure, still allows for the standard untying procedure (pull the ends), and stays tied even if you have really slippery laces. Today I pass this knowledge along to you. Some will laugh and some will cry when confronted with the simplicity. Others will scoff because they learned this in kindergarten and believed it was common knowledge (maybe it is?). If I can help save some shoe-tying time for even one person it will have been worth it. Here come the instructions :

Step #1 : Create a loop with one of the ends. (so far no difference)

Step #2 : Now wrap the other lace around the base of the first loop. (still no difference)

Step #3 : Now wrap the lace again around the base of the first loop. Yes! This is the big secret! Instead of going around just once we go around twice! Muwahahaha! Will wonders never cease?

Step #4 : Continue tying in the normal fashion.

And we're done! Tell your neighbours! Educate your kids! Impress your friends! But most of all enjoy the rest of your life in securely-tied-shoe-bliss.


i have never thought of doing that i think that it is a really good idea. I am going to try it the next time i tie my shoes.

whatever. this site is ok. i like it. kind of.

Tieing your shoes is for gay people and i hink that nobady should tie them. This one time i was walking and someone Shouted "HEY WHATS WRONG WITH THT KID OVER THERE!" and i shouted "I THINK HE TIED HIS SHOES" and he shouted "WHAT?" and i shouted "I THINK HE TIED..." and then we were both kicked out of the shoe factory.

i t-h-i-n-k t-h-a-t y-o-u- a-r-e g-a-y

hahahaha i still can't tie my shoes but i sure in the hell can right fast muwahahaha (fart)oouch!!!!!!!!!!bitch

bitches are gay just like you ASSHOLE

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