A Pin Dropping

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Hello, readers.

Are you still there? Do you still drop in occasionally and check out the cobwebs and dwindling posts?

Such a bad blogger I've been. A few weeks ago events occurred that gave me a veritable abundance of time to donate to converting my weblog from Manila to MovableType here at warmbrain.com. And donate I did. But it wasn't enough.

The site is only half moved with 98% of the archives still existing over at warmbrain.manilasites.com. I converted the design to CSS, then panicked because I had nowhere to test it properly under MacOS or any Unix flavours. I'm afraid my readership isn't high enough or avid enough to provide this sort of service. So I started converting it to something less CSS-intensive. And since I was re-working it all again, I thought what-the-hell, let's get a new design as well.

And that's where I stand... a partially finished re-design.. a headful of ideas... a scribbled list of things to blog about... an archive in need of migration... and no time to give. Sucks to be me.

Bear with me readers. I will get my act together. In the meantime, please check back often and I'll do my best to hold up my end of the deal.


PS - If the CSS of the current site isn't working for you (ie - it looks like crap (or at least decidedly different than this)) then please take a screenshot and email it to me? Merci!

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