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That *is* a very nice typeface. I like almost all the typefaces at that site.

Nice to see you appreciate type.

I was a typesetter in my early career, and really miss the craft. Desktop publishing really killed it.

I had clients who would send the same ad headline back to us six or seven times for tiny kerning corrections. They bought a Mac, and never sent me any more business. Ad that I knew they had done on their Macs had *horrible* letterspacing. Doofuses....

Don't you just love the 'n' though? And that lowercase 'g'.. wow.

Cool Gord. Had no idea you had done typesetting. Most of my interest I inherited from my dad.. he's a graphic designer in Toronto and has been for 35 years. When I was younger I'd play 'guess the typeface' with text in advertisements and he'd explain identifying characteristics and what made the typeface interesting and unique. Fun.

He became a Mac person when he went freelance and started working from home ~15 years ago. Paid something like $15,000 for the beast!

Thanks for your comments.

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