Failed Design Push

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*sigh*. It is only 9:45 and I'm exhausted. My nose is sniffly, my head is tight and thinking isn't as easy as it usually is. What a silly state to try to push a new design onto one's weblog, no? Well you could have told me that about an hour ago when I switched off Pearl Harbour in disgust and thought I would try being productive. I mean, I've been neglecting this site enough lately, no? Not to harp on it, but Pearl Harbour really does suck. I likely only got about 30 minutes into it and I'd rolled my eyes almost out of my head. Talk about contrived! So, back to the site. Yeah the design is only half pushed through. And like a dolt, I'm already tired of it. heh. Some broken templates I'm sure. Some others just not refined enough yet. I'll get to them. Hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime, I'm going to drink my warm herb-infused drink my wife made me, pull my bathrobe tighter around myself and trudge off to bed. I hate being sick. But even worse I hate being sick and leaving a job half finished.

Maybe I should ramble like this more often. I actually quite enjoy it.

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