I learn. I learn.

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Spent this afternoon playing with the site design and templates. I was experimenting with how flexible the MovableType template tags were, and exploring different ways in which the main page interacts with all the types of archive pages (individual, daily, monthly etc).

The site design at the time of this writing has been reverted back to a standard MovableType theme: Rusty. If it currently doesn't look like that, then you missed it :) Don't dawdle next time, eh? ;)

I reverted because when I last redesigned this site, I modified (drastically) the html structuring code as well as the styling CSS. All well and good, but it means that other MovableType users couldn't just use my CSS sheets.. they would also have to modify all of their templates! Ugh. It sucks in reverse as well.. if I want to try someone else's style (or -- as I just did -- revert back to a standard style) I have to swap out the CSS as well as all of the template code. Anyway, from now on I will try to only modify the requisite CSS and play well with the other MovableType community members.

What better way to spend a hot summer day than to sit in front of a humming piece of electronics? :)

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