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Weblogs.com needs some categories. The list is just getting too big and changing too quickly. It has evolved from being a nice compact list of recently updated weblogs into this huge glut of random hyperlinked names. Every 10 minutes another 50 names are pushed into the queue. It's overwhelming.

blogs.salon.com is still in the young approachable stage. Over the last 12 hours only about 40-50 of the Salon blogs get updated. Ahhh... heaven. A list that still resembles what it looked like an hour ago. It won't last though. Doubtful it will get as bad as weblogs.com, but it will grow and grow and grow.

Categories. If the concept of categories was introduced into the weblogs ping (maybe they are already there? Just dormant?) then weblogs.com could be represented by a directory of updates. Tech updates. Warblog updates. Opinion updates. Journal updates. Sexblog updates. Blognovel updates. You can just jump to the list of updates that you want to see. warblog.weblogs.com, op-ed.weblogs.com, sex.weblogs.com etc...

Each weblog author could choose a category to belong to. Or multiple categories. It could be like a weblog usenet. Maybe there could be an 'alt' section where people could create new categories as they saw fit.

You reading Mr. Winer?


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