Happy Halloween

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Witch flies past moon. Happy Halloween. Such an amusing time of year. I've nothing planned this year. No pumpkins. No costume. No parties. No fun.

My wife is back in Canada and it just isn't the same without her. For the last two years we dressed up and went trick or treating. No we are not kids. Yes we are (supposedly) mature adults. It was fun though. Got a crap load of candy as well! :)

Two years ago I was going to be a 'burglar'... which means I dress up in black and put some dark on my face.. she wasn't sure yet and my burglar sort of morphed into being a 'terrorist' and she was my hostage. She dressed up in some bedraggled business clothing and we threw a burlap sack over her head with a rope leash around her neck. I think it was quite shocking in the end.

Last year -- just after Sept 11 -- the terrorist outfit didn't seem quite that appropriate. So we went for the age-old ghost costumes. I literally had a sheet over my head with eye holes cut out. Right out of Scooby Doo. Tracey's outfit was much more elaborate mind you, with multiple layers of flowing fabric and a veil-like thing covering her face. Quite the sexy ghost I must say.

There is always next Halloween.


Hey Dylan - your 'blog looks excellent - I think I want one. fonts are a good size for my res.
Happy Hallowe'en to you - we had about 50 kids last night - a bit down from previous years but the weather was lousy 3 degrees and rainy. Terry invited her friend, Patricia, over and the three of us alternated handing out the candy - then at about 7:30 I went off to badminton - not too many people due to H I'm sure. Then home for hottub in the chill Fall air - aaahhhh.

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