Manila Migration

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Well, I've just finished migrating all the entries from my old site at Very cool. I used the Jericho XML-RPC Java library and massaged the data of each entry into an MTImport friendly format. It took some tweaking afterwards (2 hours worth) because the entries on my Manila site were without real titles.. and a single 'entry' often consisted of multiple postings separated by a divider image. But now the archive exists in its entirety on warmbrain. Woo!

Also for testing purposes, I installed Movable Type locally under Windows 2000. I used OmniHTTPd, an excellent win32 web server I've used previously, ActivePerl, and of course MovableType. I duplicated my warmbrain system locally in about half an hour. Even the data. MovableType wasn't so happy with a copy of the database files from a Unix system to win32, but a simple export from the server and import locally (all through the MT UI) transferred all the entries and comments across no problem.


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