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I'm setting up a laptop for my wife to use, and it has Windows 2000 Professional installed. When the machine boots up, it stalls for about 2 minutes right before the three-finger-salute login screen. It stalls when the status message "Preparing network connections..." is displayed. I get to sit there and watch it do its preparations while my fingers sit tensed over the CTRL-ALT and DEL keys.

My other machines don't do this.. so why this one? I've done some searching online to try to solve this problem but haven't been able to fix it yet. Lots of people have the problem. Some offer some solutions. None of the solutions have worked for me.

I've gone through each of the related Knowledge Base articles on Microsoft's site. None of them direcly relate to what I am seeing. Very frustrating indeed. I do find it quite incredible that with so many people struggling with the same issue, that it hasn't been resolved yet. Why might that be?


As a followup to this posting.. I eventually 'fixed' the problem (if you can call it a fix).. I re-installed Win2k from scratch and the problem seems to have gone away. What a joke. That's the equivalent of knocking your house down and rebuilding because it is taking 2 minutes to get your key into the front door lock.

I had the same problem too. And everything started after I installed either SP3 or the pre-SP3 security rollup.

The only way to get rid of this was to uninstall these SPs... I think this is actually yet another "feature" to prevent piracy, as it usually happens with machines that use the classic "RBDC9-..." CD Key in setting up Win2k!

In my case, it started when I ran dcpromo. it configured an active directory and did something with the dns that I didn't want it to do :( now it displays the 'preparing network connections...' for about 4 minutes. The event viewer says something about the dns, so I guess I need to look in that direction...

Don't know if this will help anyone else but...

I had the same problem on a machine with 2 NICs. I disabled one and hardwired the DNS addresses into the other's properties. It was set up to find a DNS server automatically and had a 192 address in there (!) According to the posts above that meant it was trying to find a DNS server but couldn't.

Live and learn.


I have faced the same problem after setting the active directory on the server . I found this problem in those servers where 2 NIC installed . I think It has some issue with NIC and DNS .Can MS give some kind of solution.

I can lend some creedence to the comment above about piracy. I have seem numerous pieces of evidence indicating that Microsoft has indeed slowed down machines using that CD-KEY as an anti-piracy measure. They don't flat out tell you what is wrong.. otherwise you would just go swap out the key.. instead they just slow... things ... down.. and hope you are unhappy until such time as you die and will rot in hell :)

I think this is also why you don't see any knowledgebase articles describing this problem.

Hello the problem is MOST deffinatlly a DNS problem look in that direction and it will fix itself.
if you're on a local domain for security then make sure your primary DNS points to your local domain server with it forwarding on outside DNS requests

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