'Spaces' announced!

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Hot on the trail of Mitch Kapor and his recent announcement of the OSAF and their plans... comes a (not so) subtle hint of an innovative new PIM that takes the standard PIM features we know and love, mixes in a healthy dose of P2P, then integrates it with RSS and weblogs... all within a familiar UI.

I'm talking about Spaces. A very very soon to be released killer-app written by Diego Doval.

From the website:
Spaces is a tool that for the first time will integrate seamlessly all information management tasks for individuals and small groups under a single, easy-to-use interface. Using self-organizing P2P technologies, there will be no need for servers. Having designed the interface for collaboration from the ground up, there will be no need for five different programs that always do things differently and need a subpoena to talk to each other.

Amazing. He regularly updates two weblogs (1,2), continues writing his blognovel, does postgrad research work, and writes software... and that's just his what we see publicly!

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