The Futuristic Barber

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In the future we won't have barbers like we do now. Instead you will select a style, go through an intense 'crafting' of every hair on your head and then you will be done. The haircut will be perfect.

And now the cool part. As to avoid the intensive 'crafting' the next time around, the barber will apply a smart-gel to your entire mop and work it down to your skull. The smart-gel is in fact a network of nano-sized sensors that latch onto your hair follicles and start monitoring.

You sit back and read a magazine for an hour while the nano-sensors measure your hair growth. Every single hair on your head is mapped for location, density, health and growth-rate and the information is sent to a database for analysis. After an hour, a special solution is applied and the nano-sensors dissolve down the drain.

Next time you show up for a haircut, you provide some ID, confirm you want the 'same as last time', and let some wonderous machine at you. It crops each and every hair exactly the right amount to bring you back to exactly the original hair style. No fuss. No muss. Just the hair style you've had and want to keep.

My name is Dylan, and I got a $28 crappy haircut from Stanford Mall.


This from a guy who wanted to have black hair and be called Chuck. I shoulda knowed. Thanks for the early morning smile.

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