Distributed Proofreaders

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Found a posting on Slashdot to a private group called Distributed Proofreaders whose aim is to support Project Gutenberg by getting more books digitized.

Essentially, they recruit people to compare a computer's version of what a scanned page contains to what it actually contains. Upon joining you can immediately start proofing. Select a book and a round (every page goes through 2 rounds of proofing) and you get taken to a split screen page with the zoomed-in scanned document on the top, and a editable text area of containing the computer's guess on the bottom. Your job? Read through the computer's guess and correct anything it guessed incorrectly.

It's actually more fun than it sounds. I've done three pages in quick succession and I found the process quite soothing. Plus if you keep selecting the same book then there is a good chance you'll be proofing them in order and able to follow what is being talked about.

I think it is for a good purpose as well. Digitizing older books and making them available for people to read online. I think this will be particularly useful when electronic ink and portable flexible screens become a reality. No harm in getting a head start on the reading material though.

The Distributed Proofreaders project is asking people for only a page a day. Sign up and check it out.

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