Fair Airfare

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When you buy plane tickets online, you usually have to agree to all sorts of restrictions. No exchanges. No refunds. No modifications without hefty fee. etc etc. I went through the whole routine an evening last week when buying my ticket to fly to Vancouver this coming Saturday. The following evening circumstances changed and I needed to modify my ticket. Oh joy. Wasn't looking forward to it. I wanted to move the return date into the future by 8 days extending my stay. My original ticket was $150 USD and I was quoted an additional $150 to alter my reservation. I winced. "But that's what I paid for the original ticket in the first place -- just last night" I whined. "You bought it within 24 hours?" I was asked. I confirmed this and was informed that since it was within 24 hours they could cancel the first ticket free of charge. Woo! So I got them to cancel it, went online, found another ticket for the same price but returning 8 days later and here I am telling you about it now. Just something to keep in mind during future online airfare purchases.

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