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Dave Winer has introduced a new feature for UserLand Radio: Mail-From-Aggregator

Effectively what this new feature does is allow people to have Radio email their RSS feeds to them so they can read them in their email client. The reason this even makes sense is because the structure of RSS news entries and email are fundamentally similar. They have a subject, a date, and some content.

But what if you could take it a step further though? Wouldn't it be easier to just have the news aggregator incorporated into your email client? Merge the notions of 'get new mail' and 'get new news' into a single application that already has the read-offline paradigm build in. This would avoid the hassle of having to configure the news aggregator to retrieve the RSS feed once, parse it, repackage it and then send it back onto the network to be retrieved by email. Wouldn't it rock if there was an imminent release of just such a product?

But there is! Diego Doval's spaces is exactly that product and it can do all I mentioned above and a whole lot more.

With the release of Spaces just around the corner, I'm sure it is reassuring for Diego to see UserLand adding a feature to their product that mimics in a slightly less efficient way what his product will do so well.


A most useful post... I finally understood what RSS is supposed to do!

As to this feature being offered by spaces, I think that beyond this, there is a multitude of small details, little tweaks, improvements over other PIMs, which are incorporated into spaces and which by themselves are enough a reason to convince someone to switch.

wht is all abt and how to configure

Hello, anup.
I'm not entirely sure what your question is referring to...

News from Aggregator? You'll have to talk to UserLand on how to configure this.

Spaces? Check out for info on this exciting new app.

The Weblog? Check out for info on this weblog software.

Good luck!

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