Alarm Clocks

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A few months back, some random weblog I was reading stated that they would never work at a job that required an alarm clock for them to arrive on time. An interesting personal guideline that seems to have stuck in my head.

My wife always gets irritated when I set the alarm for 6:30am and then don't get up until 8am... so I got to thinking. When I moved into my new place last Saturday, my alarm clock did not have a wall socket nearby. Rather than rush out to get an extension cord, I decided to do without an alarm (or a clock -- or a lamp mind you!) and see how things went. Well, here I am after a week and I've got to say sleeping without an alarm waking you up is truly blissful. I haven't been late for work once and am feeling very well rested (late is a relative concept in a startup anyway.. so let's just say I'm still arriving before most people). An experience I would reccommend to others.

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