Hello from Canada!

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Well.. It's been a week and a bit now into my dose of Canada. I go back to California on Sunday. I'm loving it here. Having a difficult time really pinpointing the differences. There are differences.. but I'm not sure if the are more a byproduct of this being my home country and the States being... well.. the States. :)

I've been hanging out... drinking some beerz... playing some disc-golf... that sort of thing.

An interesting realization I came to.. up here (in Canada).. I feel successful. I feel like what I have accomplished, where I work and what I do is something to be proud of and happy with. While down there (in California -- in silicon valley) it seems I've only taken some baby steps and that I have a long way to go. While in the valley it is really difficult to be happy with what one has. You are constantly surrounded by more 'successful' people with later model cars with bigger houses making more money than you. It creates quite a surreal workaholic environment to live in. This realization is helping me to be more objective about my situation in California... to think about what I really want from life, what I consider success, and what my core priorities are. I want to say more on this but am having trouble articulating it. Perhaps later.

I start work next Monday. New job. At the prominent search engine. (Alright! Alright! It's Google! But keep it under your hat.) When it comes down to it, if I had to name a single company that I wanted to work for in the bay area, it would be Google. I'm really looking forward to working for a company where their core product is already one I use extensively. Plus it is kinda nice when even not-so-computer-savvy people's eyes light up because they recognize the company you work for. :)

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