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Well I'm back in the bay area. Living in my new place. Enjoying my new job. After a month of holidays over 6 weeks I'm having a difficult time re-adjusting to the working life. On some deep fundamental level I feel it is very wrong to fill most of one's free time with the act of working.

I decided to go through the process of actually calling a bunch of phone numbers and changing my address rather than just relying on the postal system's forwarding service. This caused some slight confusion since the address I've moved to is about a mile further along the same road Tracey and lived on back in September -- and also the address that most places still had me at.

I actually did both this time. Changed my address and setup forwarding from both the last place I lived as well as the place before that. I think I might have confused the forwarding system though as apparently some conflict has arisen and mail for the current owners of Tracey and I's last place is now being sent to Santa Clara. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it will sort itself all out.

The new place I'm living is interesting. It smells like garlic most of the time as one of my roommates consumes huge quantities of it roasted each night. It's not really a nice garlic smell.. but more of that acrid next-morning stale garlic smell. My room smells ok though.

I'm considering moving again though.. as it appears that one of my roommates has a slight addiction problem. Alcohol and cigarettes are all I'll mention by name here, but I've strong evidence of harder less-legal substances as well. He hides it well -- as I'm told most addicts do -- but I got home earlier than expected the other day and must have caused him to rush through his procedure as he still had a smudge across a place most people don't accidentally get chalk. I'm totally sure how I feel about the whole thing. He seems quite harmless but I've seen him get into a state that is quite incoherent. I've started looking around at other places to see what kind of options I have.

My work is going well. The project I have is keeping me busy and provides and adequate level of interaction to meet other people. I've been quite impressed with the development processes they have in place as well as the overall dedication and passion from other employees. This is the type of company I was looking for when I came down here more than 3 (!!!) years ago.

I dropped by the Mitchell Park library in Palo Alto this afternoon -- just a few blocks down Middlefield from me -- and rented two DVDs. Their selection there is incredible. I'm used to the library over on Newell with their daily selection of at maximum 10 DVDs of which you are lucky if you recognize the name of more than 3. The Mitchell Park library had likely close to 100 DVDs on the shelves and capacity for a fair number more. Impressive. Free rentals! And the RIAA is worried about Kazaa! I borrowed 'Deliverance' and 'Rushmore'... and would have gotten 'The Elephant Man' as well but there is a 2 DVD limit.

Mountain Man from the movie 'Deliverance'Deliverance is incredible. I had no idea what I was getting into with it... I had always heard about the disturbing 'pig' scene and always imagined something like a take on Charlotte's web where Wilbur gets turned into bacon. Not quite so nice I'm afraid. The movie was just excellent though. A movie where I truly felt the camera was a bystander and not an in-your-face recording device. If you haven't seen it then I highly recommend it.

Rosemary from the movie 'Rushmore' Rushmore is also incredible, but I had already seen it so knew I would enjoy it again. Find something your good at and do it for the rest of your life. I'm working on it. Another highly recommended movie. What's the Rushmore in your life?

We have a good friend that really enjoyed Rushmore and Tracey and I both think he was / is a lot like our hero Max Fischer. We think he thinks so to but this has never been talked about with him. Funny how that works.



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