Lava Lamp, USA

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Soap Lake, Washington is planning on installing a giant Lava Lamp at the center of their town to attract tourists. It will be an estimated 60 ft high with a max diameter of 18 ft. It will hold approximately 60,000 gallons of liquid including the wax-petroleum-jelly hybrid gloopy stuff. One has to wonder though if some drunkard at 3 AM isn't going to yank out a firearm, whoop it up, and cause the downtown core to be bathed with piping-hot chemical-enriched liquid. Now *that* I would have to see. ;)


Lava lamps always seem to go stale after a few years. As if the liquid gets dusty and tired, the lamp gets hazy, friends stop looking. I fear the same for this town's giant lamp - fun for a while, but I bet it's going to be a sad little albatross in three years time.

Unless they're building the world's biggest bong beside it. Then, I predict, it will be wildly exciting for many, many years.

I've got a Google Branded Lava Lamp right here on my desk... and other than an agonizing week after I shook it vigourously when it was warm and then watched in horror as it apparently decided to STAY that way (it did correct itself finally) it is still crystal clear and the gloopy stuff floats like a charm.

Google has *lots* of Lava Lamps around the office... about 20 in the main lobby and 10's of more scattered around the cafeteria and snack-stations.. not to mention the fact that just about every employee has at least one on their desk... and I have yet to see a stale one! There is one yellow one in the cafeteria whose lamp seems to not be as hot as it used to and so it reaches this static equilibrium where the blob just sorta hovers while still stuck to the bottom. Sort of hypnotizing really. I shook the thing like crazy a few weeks back (punctured equilibrium :) but it seems to have found its favourite position again.

Can we get a broader definition of 'stale' other than 'friends stop looking'? :)

Hey, when you click on the link to the Giant Lava Lamp site, it fades into view. How do you make web pages do that transition?

Sorry for the off-topic posting.

Heh. Hey Gordo! Nice to see you're still reading my weblog :)

The transition thing is an IE specific effect that the destination site is using. It's know it isn't difficult but it isn't something I've ever done. The lava site's code should hold the details for you.


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