LavaMan Cometh

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I purchased a digital camera just before Christmas and I am deeply ashamed I haven't put any photos up yet. The vast majority of them currently reside on my wife's laptop in Victoria, but as since I'm a smart tech person, and can easily think of a handful of ways to transfer them down here to California, I really have no excuse.

I do have a FEW that I've taken down here though, and with the recent talk of Lava Lamps I though this one would be fitting.

LavaMan closeup. Click for bigger picture. Meet: LavaMan. My Lava Lamp inhabitant and caretaker. I've only seen him once so far, and just happened to have the digital camera handy to capture the event. I am keeping careful watch out for him though and if he shows up again I'll see if I'm quick enough to catch him. In this photo I've apparently captured him holding up the LavaSky. No rest for the gloopy.

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