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Google Engineers are given a Linux box to work on when they start. Excellent I thought... I'm familiar with Linux, and would love to migrate away from Windows. After about 4 days I requested a Windows box as well... because I work on code that runs in browsers it is invaluable to have a Windows box handy to test out what the majority of the world sees your code like. Also.. after 4 days of struggling with new mail programs... new editors... new shortcuts.. new toolbars... new image software etc etc etc.. I was ready to concede defeat. Luckily it has taken a little while for my Windows box to show up. While waiting I've made the best of it and have now found versions of Software that run under Linux that satisfy all of my Win32 application cravings.

Other apps, like FlashPlayer, RealPlayer and such each had Linux distributions. Woo! Perhaps some issues will arise if I receive a lot of .doc, .xls or .ppt documents to deal with, but so far it seems most people are happy presenting things in HTML. Woo!

So far at this point, every one of my reasons for switching back to Windows have been knocked down one by one so that I really have no reason anymore. All my apps have adequate, if not better, replacements for the Windows version. I'm actually very happy with it all.

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