Mouth Wide Shut

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Joel Spolsky has a new article out entitled Mouth Wide Shut where he expounds on the good the bad and the ugly of publicly talking about what features and products your company is working on . At one end he has Apple with their absolute secrecy policy completely astounding people with the release of their new products. At the other end you have Microsoft and the oh-so-hyped .NET (even Microsoft is backpedaling now) and of course the OSAF and their to-be-developed Chandler.

A quote:
Look at the poor Chandler guys; they started talking about their product before any design was done and immediately got buried under such a deluge of feedback just managing it all was impossible. Now everybody thinks Chandler is going to be All Things to Everybody.
If you haven't already, I suggest taking a look at Spaces. It did its design before announcing itself, it is available in alpha form now (so close to beta you can taste it) and the turnover time for fixes, new features, and general communication through the mailing list is incredible.

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