Sightless in Seattle

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Overheard in airport terminal between a blind man and a blind woman sitting on opposite benches about 20 feet apart:

Man: I'm way over here.
Woman: What?
Man: Somehow I got way over here!
Woman (sarcastically): Good for you!

About 20 minutes later I was standing near the same woman as she was waiting for her luggage. The woman was standing so close to the carousel that bags would brush her coat when they passed. An airline worker was standing with her holding a clipboard and watching the bags go by.

Worker: It's ok. You can stand back. I'll get your bag for you. It's gray isn't it?
Woman: That's what they tell me.
She ignored his advice.

A few minutes went by with the worker occassionally checking out a bag and then throwing it back on the carousel. A light gray bag that has gone around twice so far brushes the woman's fingertips as it passed.

Woman: This is my bag!

Worker then yanked the bag off the carousel, checked the tags on it and smiled sheepishly. It was her bag.

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