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I watched the Superbowl. There I said it. Not all of it mind you, but enough that I can't deny it. My roommate turned it on during halftime so he could watch Gwen of No Doubt jump around on the stage.. I found this deeply amusing that this wannabe punk looking band is there performing with this rigid time limit (can't short change the sponsors!) in one of the most-watched commercial events ever. Then Sting starts singing message in a bottle with them with hardly a gasp of breath for poor Gwen between songs. I swear the songs were sped up slightly to make sure they fit exactly into their alloted time.

Then of course there is the game. Reminds me of the joke: I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. Well, in this case I was watching some commercials and a football game broke out. I know it has been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere, but I still had to comment. I feel it was particularly surreal for me because I don't watch TV regularly. Watching 8 seconds of gameplay (if that!) followed by 30 seconds of commercials and sponsor announcements was just hilarious.

Most people I talked to felt the game sucked. Tampa Bay trounced Oakland and there wasn't much more to it. From a non-sports watcher point of view though the game was excellent. If there ever was a game that was just ripe for mocking it was that one. At halftime if was 21 to 3 (or something equally silly)... and although it looked like Oakland MIGHT at somepoint decide to maybe sorta kinda attempt at a comeback.. it never came through and instead we got to watch Tampa Bay make interception after interception and even get another touchdown with just 2 seconds to play. Final score 48-21. It don't envy the Oakland coach after that poor performance.


Don't forget the degradation of those of us who got to watch our streets turn to flames and broken glass at the hands of the "mighty" (mighty retarded) Raider Nation!

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