Breakfast Club

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The Seattle Times: Criminal, Basket Case, Jock, Princess or Brain

Remember the Breakfast Club? The learning-about-life-and-ourselves movie starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald? Well apparently some research scientist, back in 1987, asked 900 high school sophomores which character they most identified with: Criminal, Basket Case, Jock, Princess or Brain. And more recently followed-up on their answers to see how true to life they were.

Actually the above article sucks. Very few details. I'm really just posting this because I remember the movie fondly. It's a bit of an ill-match, but I likely consider myself to be most like the Brain. Not to be confused with The Brain.


"Not Another Teen Movie" has a nice homage to the Breakfast Club..with the same set and actor from the detention scene in the original.

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