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Too silly. I've been frustrated with a new install of XP lately because my Internet Explorer windows for some reason wouldn't keep their status bar at the bottom of the window. The status bar is remarkably useful and I use it constantly when hovering over links to see where the browser will take me upon clicking. For some reason my Internet Explorer would keep losing its status bar.

I thought it could be fixed by turning it on (View->Status Bar) then exiting IE completely. Sure enough, that works. When you re-open IE, the status bar appears at the bottom. Try creating another IE window though and your status bar doesn't get created along with it. Argh.

This went on for a week and then I had an idea. Microsoft has hugely integrated the abstractions and code behind folder windows, explorer windows and internet explorer windows. So, I opened up my C drive folder, turned on the Status Bar, then went to the Tools->Folder Options menu, then clicked on the View tab then finally clicked on the "Apply to All Folders" button. This effectively tells Windows to open all 'Folder' windows just like the one I am editing (which happens to have its status bar shown).

Sure enough, when I re-open IE and start creating windows all the new windows have their status bar shown. WoOt! But, how in HELL would your average user figure this out? As far as most people are concerned, IE and the view of their C drive are as separate as their browser and OS. :) Oh, wait, nevermind. heh.


IE problems?
Moz solutions!


Thank god for your blog. This has been driving me nuts, and I finally bothered to google for a solution. Thanks!

Excellent! I've been trying to check on IE options so many different things, but now I got it to stay!!!


Thank you! After fighting this problem for months, I finally installed Mozilla, but I still want IE to work properly. (I now use Mozilla for regular surfing and IE to play multimedia.)

Holy Crap! Thank you for that. I have been working on that solution myself. I had already taken special care to set up the folders to act the way I wanted & applied to all ... but I did NOT make the connection to IE.

Thank you for that!!! Really worked! I was just about to install NETSCAPE because of that but I think I will wait a little more. Of course, I will find another annoying idiosyncracy of Internet Explorer and then I will go to ZION. Somehow I get the feeling that Internet Explorer is maintained by just 'MACHINES'.

Thank god for this post. I consider myself pretty good with computers, but totally overlooked the option to set it from the C: drive. Now on to the other annoyances of XP...

Thank you! It's been driving me crazy, finally went to Google and found you right away. You're awesome!

good stuff. thanks

Dude - you rock. This status bar issue has annoyed me for 2 months and today, sitting around with time on my hands before the holiday, I googled for it. Thanks!

Just as everyone else said... thank you! I figured it was some reg file I had to modify but decided to do a google search and luckily found this!

Thanks again... that is a very ANNOYING problem!!

I also had this bar disapear a few months ago. Dont know what I did to make this happen but tonight with some time on my hands, I decided to do a "google" on it and up came your story...thank you so bottom status bar is back! and I can tell a bit easier what is going on!!

As said so many times already, THANKS MAN. This too has been driving me nuts! Now I know to look something up sooner next time. You're a big help. Keep it up!

Just joining the chorus of thank you's for the status bar solution. It had pissed me off to a fair-the-well until finally I found your blog via a yahoo search. Thanks again.

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