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The Cable Internet connection has been down for the past 2 weeks at my house. The cable modem has an RF light.. and it just blinks orange. When we first tried to arrange an AT&T tech house call... they could only arrange a maximum of one week in advance, and to make it more amusing, the only opening they had was exactly one week later. Since the only available appointment was a wednesday and none of us would be able to work from home during the day to wait for the cable guy (as no internet connection means no werkie werkie), we asked if we could get the following Saturday which happened to be exactly 10 days in the future. Nope. They couldn't schedule it. His advice? Wait three days (until Saturday) and then call back and hope they have a spot open a week later. What a joke. And we pay good money to these people.

In 2 days the tech comes. A total of 2 weeks of downtime so far.. except.. wait for it.. the damn Cable has started magically working again. We don't know what to do though. If I cancel the appointment and it fails again, then we're stuck waiting at least another week to get it looked at. If it continues to work, then when the guy comes he'll have nothing to test and we potentially face a $50 'fee' because there was nothing wrong.

Let's hope it doesn't go down while I'm posting this.


it is a shame you live were time warner is not!i have been technician with the company 20 years now.we have on time guarantee ,that says we will be there to fix your problem within 4 hours.i would go with direct pc its almost as fast,and the equipment is yours.good luck!

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