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There are days where I just wish the HTML table element, by default, was set to cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" and border="0". That would be so great. It would save me lots of typing and aggravation.

Yeah, yeah.. you could argue that the defaults are good because even Joe Blow can just hack out some tr and td elements and know it will at least look presentable... whereas if the defaults were as I want them, the cells will all run together. True. But I still want it my way.

You could also argue that since I always zero the spacing/padding/border I obviously am using the tables for layout purposes.. and as we all know, that is a BAD BAD THING. And again you'd be right (to some degree). But I still want it my way.

You could also point out that I could just use CSS to force the padding and spacing of tables to what I want without typing it again and again. And again, you'd be right. But I'd still want it my way... but I would enjoy the irony of using CSS to make my tables do what I want.

In the end, I'm just feeling a little lazy. I think I'll setup a macro.

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