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Alright. I saw it again. After some discussions and the reading of other's opinions, I decided I needed to see it again.

If you haven't seen it, then I possibly suggest stopping reading now. Mind you, I'm not going to walk through the plot but instead just point out some random points of interest.

I didn't get it the first time I saw it. I'll admit that. I blinked a few too many times, didn't catch a phrase of explanation, then swam through the oblivion of one-off movie watching. I got it the second time. I am now looking forward to the third movie.

Specific parts I didn't get in the first viewing:
  • The whole 'Agent-Smith in the real world' think went right over my head. The way the introduce this concept is when you see Agent Smith taking over some guys body right before he exits the matrix through the phone. Remember that scene? Because of the way the filmed it, I thought it was only Neo's dream sequence... Agent Smith downloads... Neo sits upright in bed all surprised.

    Next time we see that guy that is also Agent Smith he is holding a knife and stalking Neo and crew as they leave. His plan is foiled by the annoying twerp bringing Neo the 'There Is No Spoon' artifact. Check out the Animatrix if you want to find where the twerp actually came from.

    Next we see him urging a Captain to volunteer his ship to go after the Nebuchadnezzar. The Captain refuses.

    Next we see him in the stunning climax UPSIDE DOWN lying with Neo unconscious. Like what the hell? Even if you were completely clued in to have caught the previous three appearances of this guy, do we really know the character of his face well enough to recognize it upside down? I think not. I certain didn't. The 5 other people I was with at the time didn't either. We all embarrassingly admitted to each other that we had no idea who that guy was.

    So, in summary, the whole progression of Agent Smith in the Real World went over my head the first time I saw the movie.
  • Zion didn't fall! I was completely under the impression that Zion was now gone.. and that the Sentinels had burrowed their way all the way there. It isn't so. They were getting close, some ships had been sent to intercept in a surprise attack, someone (we must assume RealWorldAgentSmith) triggered an EMP prematurely and the surprise attack turned into a massacre. The sentinels had not reached Zion yet.
  • The Oracle's and the Architect's ramblings. You gotta listen to what they say. They really do outline a whole bunch of interesting things. I missed a good chunk the first time I saw it and paid for it with a complete lack of understanding as to how the overall trilogy was progressing. Even if you pay attention there is stuff that the Architect says that is confusing and ambiguous.. but I now believe that it is supposed to be :)
  • The consequences of Neo's decision when talking to the Architect weren't very clear to me the first time. Two doors.. lots of TVs.. mentions of 6 Neos... mother and father of the Matrix.. blah blah blah. Choose a door already!
Alright. That's it for now.

P.S. - I still think the rave scene sucked.


Ok, make that SIX of us that didn't recognize Agent Smith in all those appearances.

Another question: Neo is only supposed to have "super powers" while in the Matrix. How was he able to stop the Sentinels at the end of the movie? Is his "real world" another onion layer of the Matrix?

Hey, Gord.

The onion theory seems to be the most likely candidate. Agent Smith is software... so really the only way he could 'download' into someone is that they are software as well. Also, the only way Neo could do his hand waving and stop the sentinels was if the 'real world' is still just the matrix. Seems a little too obvious though, no? We've only got to wait until November.

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