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From marnanel.org: TinyURL Whacking. TinyURL.com is a service that lets people use a short URL in place of a long one. For instance, I just went to tinyURL.com and entered the URL of warmbrain and now warmbrain can be accessed by going to this URL http://tinyurl.com/snf5. Cool, huh? (If it doesn't appear to do anything... then it works!)

Apparently TinyURL doesn't remove old assignments.. to it seems that snf5 will point to my site for as long as TinyURL exists. What makes this interesting is to randomly guess letter combinations and see where they take you.

Some interesting one's I found: And some amusing one's I found that seems to show that someone at tinyURL.com has a sense of humour.
  • tinyurl.com/dick - Conveniently enough takes you to a page for Dick Cheney, the vice president.
  • tinyurl.com/cunt - Yep. You guessed it. Takes you to Dick Cheney's wife's website. I don't expect this link to work long if this gets out ;)
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