New Design Late 2003

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New design for website. Like it?

Leave a comment or I break your legs. :D

Watch out for missing templates... I got tired and missed some of the deeper pages. Will fix over the new few days.

This is the sort of posting that is desperately funny at the time of posting but seems to lose it's edge when read the next day. If so, I apologize in advance.


I like it - and I'm not saying that because I fear broken bones.

Yup, looks good. Did you do the grass in the head yourself? Nice.

I like it... pretty cool, actually.

I like your site; your posts are informative.

Thanks all. Yep, grass is 100% photoshop-driven. Inspired by my recent trip to Ireland.

The grass is especially nice. Good enough to eat. Wanna go on a date?

How many times did I tell you to mow the lawn?

I likes. :)

Simply amazing! This is the best layout I've seen so far! Excellent!

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