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Matthew of MetaFilter has recently started a site titled Ten years of my life where he plans to post a personal photograph a day for the next ten years. Matthew on hist motivations for the collection:
A few weeks ago I realized how quickly everything has been changing since I've turned 30, and how much I miss doing daily photos. I came up with the idea of doing it over ten years for a couple reasons. Although it sounds like a lot of work, it's only about 3650 images if I posted every single day, and I've taken more than that many shots in just the last year alone. During the upcoming ten years, from the time I turn 31 until I turn 41, I expect I'll be witnessing a great deal of major changes and would love to have a way to remember them.
Damn. I read this. I view his site. And I want to do it as well. Inspiring.

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