Where's Waldo (online version)

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Where's Waldo Online

Quite possibly one of the lamest things I've seen (so why am I still laughing?)


I found him! It only took me a couple hours. And by a couple hours, I mean "view source."

It's more fun than a barrel of pencils!

I found him by running my cursor down the list until IE displayed something other than wrong.html in the link tip on the bottom bar.

Heh. I'm afraid I did it the very predictable way of CTRL-F, type 'Waldo', then multiple F3s. :)

Doing it my way meant I got to iterate over the lines that said things like "a man wearing a striped shirt who looks like Waldo but isn't" which actually simulated the true "Where's Waldo" experience quite well.

wank game found him in 10 secs

HAHAH... i just looked at oage info in firefox it listed all the links... and all of the mwere wrong... except for one....

does anyone know how to find waldo? Ive looked multiple times and i still cant see him? Is it just a joke to make you look for ages? at first i thought it was gonna make something jump out at me but now i just think its a bit of a sad joke

Found him in like 3 seconds

how easy was that

ha ha ha how not funny


This one's cool...bg music is good I had to turn my speakers up to hear it though.

That was a cinch

Sup Dude?

i'm going to bed.

That keith guy is dumb, it hurt his feelings cuz it said, "loser" to him... well here ya go keith... LOSER

dude wat the fuck.......that shit jumped me soo hardd....lol thats the shit...

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