Windows iTunes

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It's here and it's good. I've already purchased two albums: Jack Johnson - On and On, and Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP. I like it. It just works. And the interface just makes it all so easy. I want to find music, sample the music, buy the music and listen to the music. iTunes takes care of all of that in a beautiful interface that is fun to use.

Two minor complaints:
  • Not enough songs. I want some propellerheads. More Beatles. More BV3G. More. More. More.
  • I originally assumed that if I bought the music at home, then at work I logged into iTunes and ''Checked for Purchased Music" it would automatically re-download my purchased music and authorize my work computer. No go. Apparently you need to actually transfer the files yourself (they reccommend burning them) and then authorize the new computer when they are copied.

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