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I'm on a hosting hunt right now and am checking out different options. I currently host domains on Cedant and 1and1 but feel I would like a little more control and not be so constrained with options around storage and bandwidth. With Cedant I only have a measly 100MB of storage and they charge $0.30 for each additional 10 MB/Month which is $30 / GB / Month. What a rip off. Many places (such as 1and1) start you off at 1GB with their $10 account. Storage is cheap and Cedant needs to adjust their prices.

I'm setting up a trial account with Tektonic which offers VPS (Virtual Private Servers) using UML (User Mode Linux). This means I effectively get my own Linux installation to run without the added expense of having a separate server. It also means I would get to tinker to my hearts content on a Linux box (not that I don't get enought at work, mind you) and have the bonus that it will also be where I host my sites.

Tektonic will be $15/month for 3GB storage, 50GB data transfer, root access and unlimited hosting of sites. I'll let you know how it goes.


I've been looking around for a decent VPS deal and the stats you mentioned for Tektonic sound good. However the URL isn't working for me, I guess their main server is down but not your hosted site.
Not exactly something to fill one with confidence...

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