Anterior Compartment Syndrome

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If my self-diagnosis is correct, I've just determined that I have Anterior Compartment Syndrome. Effectively, this is caused by muscle swelling that outgrows the sheath containing it. Sounds sexy, eh? When I start running, blood floods into my legs and my shin muscles become engorged (ooh baby) causing undue pressure on the sheath around the muscle. This results in an intense pressure down the front of my leg that forces me to stop running. i haven't experienced this since high-school PE class but really haven't done any extensive running since that time. A recent interest in the game of Ultimate has re-awoken my blood-thirsty shin muscles and their inadequately sized sheaths. I end up pairing myself with the slow guy on the other team and then limping around the field after him. Very exciting.

I was hoping that 10 years would have 'matured' my legs so I no longer had this problem, but it just isn't so. I don't want surgery so am going to try some intensive massage that will hopefully expand the sheath and reduce the pressure.

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