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I was thinking more about Russell's post about the integration of news aggregators and weblog publishing systems and became particularly frustrated with Bloglines' lack of a 'Post to Weblog' link beside each entry. The standard MovableType Bookmarklet doesn't work as it tries to blog about the Bloglines website rather than any specific entry.

So I decided to do something about it. Introducing Blog comPost.
What exactly is Blog comPost?
Blog comPost is a simple utility that integrates into the Internet Explorer right-click menu (also called the context menu) and allows for easy blogging from any web page. Best of all, it also works as expected within the excellent Bloglines online news reader.
It can post to multiple types of weblog systems and can easily be extended to others. So check it out, try it out and leave your comments on this page.

As proof it works, Blog comPost was used to post this entry announcing the release.


I'd like to see a screenshot..

Does it only work with IE? Does it support Firefox?

Dude, this rocks. I need to check this out and play with it.

learning test run...

I'd like to post entries TO Bloglines. Can that functionality be added somehow?

This was soo cool as I use Avant Browser and not Firefox. :)

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