Hockey in the veins

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Calgary Flames Logo I'm not usually a huge hockey fan -- a hard thing to admit for a Canadian -- but this year has been different. Perhaps some combination of my being in the US for 4+ years, the Calgary Flames being in the playoffs, or just some hormonal abnormality, but this year I've been eagerly watching the Stanley Cup schedule, tune in via Internet radio for the games, and even yell and get teary-eyed when the flames do something like squeeze out a goal and win the game in overtime.

The Calgary Flames are playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning. It is the final Stanley Cup playoffs and Calgary leads with 3 games to 2 in a best-of-7 match. Game 6 is tonight at 5PM PST in Calgary and the Flames just need one more game to win the Cup. The flames haven't won the cup since 1989. Calgary would definitely be an exciting place to be tonight.

update: Calgary lost. It's going to game 7. Monday 5PM PST.

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